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S.P. Mittal

The assurance that comes from the House of Green is that of unparalleled Quality standards

A brief about green

The seeds of today's pioneer and leader in the Plywoods and Laminates Industry, Greenply Industries Ltd (Green) were sown under the able hands of our Chairman, Mr. Shiv Prakash Mittal, a self-made industrialist, rather an undisputed technocrat in this Industry. Our vision is continued improvement across all qualitative and quantitative dimensions creating synergies and efficiencies to produce and distribute high quality products at economical cost. The Company with focused emphasis on the new technological superiority in manufacturing has carved an enviable niche for itself in the Industry. The group is now managed by a set of high caliber, dynamic and young professionals.

The "GREEN group's" present activities include; manufacture of Value added Panel Products and reconstituted timber products, Decorative and industrial Laminates, Pre Laminated Particle - Board, Granite Monuments, Wind Power etc. The Manufacturing facilities are at 4 disbursed places. The Marketing Network web is spread throughout length and breadth of the Country. Excellent quality of laminate command substantial export order form countries like U.S.A., Spain, Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa, West Indies, Korea etc.

Today in India, GREEN symbolizes for high standard products at the most economical prices. The consumer has made us a dominating market force in India. We have just made the beginning.

Why "Green"?

The word GREEN is very symbolic to the "GREEN GROUP" of industries since inception. Strange as it may sound, coming from a leader involved in manufacture of value-added Panel Products, but the GREEN GROUP has always made a concerted effort in the protection and nurturing of the environment in all their activities. Our guiding philosophy has been a deep respect for the Mega Bio-diversity of our Mother EARTH and to ensure to take utmost care of the delicate ecological balance.

We are extremely concerned of the cfepleting "GREENCOVER" and contribute in our humble way to enhance it by taking up programmes of well - planned scientific, sustainable propagation of farm-forestry. The "GREEN GROUP" values each tree as one of the nature's most precious gift to mankind that is so vital for sustenance of the fragile web of our Eco -system.

The "GREEN GROUP'S" message is clear. "We are ENVIRONMENT conscious". It is not a concern. It's a responsibility. And we at the house of "GREEN" take it very seriously. The GREEN GROUP thus utilises technology with responsibility seeing to the fact that the EARTH remains as "GREEN" as it always needs to be. This IS our way of paying homage to Motlior Naturo. The Group employs over 2500 people in different cadre.

The word "GREEN" may sound antithesis to our area of activity but we do what we believe in. The main concern of the group has been most effective and economic utilisation of the scarce natural resources and converting them into durable quality utilities. We work in volume and this has helped us to maintain moderate price level.

Our total thought has thus been translated into our company logo in the form of a "Green Leaf." The colour represents that of a tender leaf, indicating that we are young and have a lot more to contribute.

Though we believe in advertisement, we have always refrained from making tall and deceptive claims. The primary idea is to draw and direct the converters and end-users' attention towards our product and finally they are to judge the end results. The response has been explosive. The products have not only gained user's confidence, the converters are happier working on our products. Today, the marketplace vouches by our quality and our parameters have worked out to become the standards for the competitors.

Marketing Network

Our marketing force is finely tuned with the pulses of the marketing needs. It Is manned by hard core professionals, dynamic, penetrative, result-oriented executives, geared to face any challenge. We have our own marketing offices, situated at all the vital decision making focal points, spread across India equipped with all latest communication system. Each of these offices has their own storage godowns, to meet the immediate needs of the market.

The Sales promotional activities are formulated in consultation with market need and implemented seeing to the individual needs of each region.

Green group Clientele

It shall be a Herculean task and endless list to mention our list of customers and end users. Almost each and every prestigious project that has come up in the last 8 years has used our product. You name the projects and we are there. Our actual strength lies in as the most, preferred product by the regular users and the mass. Repeat orders speak for their confidence not only in our product but also in our services, In a span of just 8 years from 1993 to 2001 group has shooted its turnover from Rs.2160 lacs to Rs.21656 lacs i.e. a growth of over 900%

Our present force is how directed towards maintaining the pace and we have plans to expand, diversify and integrate to further our objective and reach new heights.

Among all the plywood and laminate companies in India, Green is uniquely positioned to be in the forefront of the Indian Plywood/Laminate Industry. It enjoys dominance and leadership on all aspects of its business. Its passion for newer offering, technologically sophisticated global quality products, adapted for local conditions have, and will remain inspiring pillars of strength as the company charts a synergised surge into the future.

The company's leading edge in panel products technology and its status as the most preferred supplier of Plywood/Laminate for furniture all over the Country have been the essential catalyst, for the Company's. unprecedented success in securing approvals, appreciation and preference.

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