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Constitution of Federation of Indian Plywood & Panel Industry

While the various Regional Plywood Manufacturers Associations have no doubt been serving the interest of the Plywood Industry in their respective areas, it has been felt that the cause of the industry would best be solved if the Federation of all the different Association were formed as a common platform to deal with all common problems such as those of forging effective coordination among the different plywood association and woodbased units maintaining better liaison with the Central and State Government carrying on market research and publicity and last but not the least promotion of export of plywood, plywood products and other panel products to have full cooperation among all woodbased units to pursue a common policy and programme in the interest of all concerned, this Federation as an Apex representative body of plywood and other woodbased industry in India was constituted and inaugurated on 2nd November 1961 by Mr. Manubhai Shah the then Minister of Industry, Government of India in Calcutta when the Government of India had given due weight and consideration to the proposed activities of the Federation and recognized the Federation as the All India representative body of the Plywood and other woodbased industry. The main objects of the Federation are:-

  • to co-ordinate the activities of the different plywood factories and Associations;

  • to collect and disseminate information to members on subjects of common interest

  • to undertake and organize, without any regional bias, publicity and propaganda to make the use of plywood popular

  • to meet the entire domestic plywood and other woodbased products demand for furniture, housing construction, railways, defence and other civilian purposes.

  • to take part in Exhibitions, Fairs etc. both in and out of India

  • to prevent unhealthy competition and substandard production of Plywood and Other Woodbased products

  • to unite all firms, companies, corporation, Associations and individuals engaged in Plywood and other Panel Products Industry in India with a view to promoting the consideration, and discussion of all questions affecting plywood and panel products, and for the improvement of the scientific and economic development of the plywood and other panel products industries

  • to institute, prosecute, develop, and carry on, all kinds of scientific and economic research in, or in connection with processes for the manufacture and use of plywood for the purpose of securing highest standard of efficiency.

  • to carry out all kinds of scientific and economic investigations and other experiments for the purposes aforesaid, and for increasing the popularity and use of such plywood and other panel products. (Particleboard. Hardboard and MDF).

  • to study and promote the application of science, and scientific and economic methods of the manufacture of plywood and panel products, and their utilization, and to explore and promote the popularity and use of Indian Plywood in foreign countries.

  • to study and introduce to Plywood Industries in India schemes for standardization of plywood and panel industries in India schemes for standardization of plywood and allied commodities

  • to construct, develop, and use scientific, chemical, experimental, and other laboratories, plant, machinery and workshop, and to employ all kinds of scientists, economists, chemists, engineers, mechanics, technical and other experts in connection therewith;

  • to undertake research on market survey, and otherwise help members in solving their multifarious problems by giving correct advice and guidance

  • to introduce an element of co-operation between the members, and to represent the cause of the members before the Government, Central or State, or other agencies when ever necessary

  • to assist members in handling their technical problems

  • to promote, protect, and improve, plywood and other panel industry in India, and to promote the common interests of the members as may be deemed expedient and generally to do all such other things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them

  • to publish an official journal of the Federation giving prominence to its aims, objects and activities and for the spread of knowledge and information relating to the plywood trade and industry generally and to print and publish any advertisements, newspapers, periodicals, books, lectures or leaflets that may be deemed desirable;

  • to purchase, take on lease or in exchange or otherwise acquire and movable or immovable property rights or privileges which may be deemed necessary or convenient for any purposes of the Federation and in particular to subscribe to acquire and hold share in any company or association whether incorporated or not having objects altogether or in part similar to those of the Federation.

  • to sell, improve, manage, develop, lease, mortgage, charge, hypothecate, dispose of or otherwise deal with all or any of the property, rights or privileges of the Federation.

As the Federation has to maintain a close liaison with the Government Department and as matters of policies with regard to transport, development, excise & customs duties forestry, tree plantation, environment, conservation of natural forests etc etc. emanated from the Central Government offices the committee of the Federation considered it advisable to shift the office of the Federation from Kolkata to Delhi. Accordingly the Federation office was shifted to Delhi in July 1963. Consequently steps also were taken for dissolving the society registration which was registered in the State of West Bengal and registering the Federation in the Union territory of Delhi. The Federation was registered under the Registrar of Societies vide No.2985/1968-1969 dated 4-1-1969.

It is the practice of FIPPI to invite related Minister of either Industry or Forest to inaugurate FIPPI’s Annual General Meeting. 

The Managing Committee of the Federation is elected at the Annual General Meeting every alternate year from amongst the members. The Founder President of Federation elected in 1961 was Late Sh. A.K. Kaderkutty, Managing Director of The Western India Plywood Ltd., Balipatam, Kerala and the present President is Mr. S.P. Goenka, Chairman of M/s. Kitply Industries Ltd., Kolkata.


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